Physique and Wellness Enhancement

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Small batched handcrafted tonic formulations are our specialty.


Every tonic is formulated and extracted with the traditional knowledge and the know-how of thousands of years of usage. With the conclusions of modern science we are able to bring forth the finest in quality. These tonics are safe and very easy to take.


Tonic - Holistic adaptation to our external environment. The body's adaptation response, along with the harmonious internal functioning of our beings, brings free energy for purpose and meaning in all aspects of life.


Tincture - In the traditions of past cultures and the science of modern day it is the liquid extractions that reign supreme for potency, safety, and efficacy. 


Consistent daily consumption is the key to gaining the benefits of these most potent adaptogenic foods. Food is an important part of our health, development and well-being. Tonics are potent concentrated foods that have profound effects upon the various systems within the human body.


The benefits are numerous, but as it concerns a Tonic Tincture, a few of them are: energy, rejuvenation, organ health, hormonal assistance, lean mass gain, improving hair and nail growth, skin tone, and enhancement of the male and female physique for confidence and attractiveness.


May they assist you too...



Jason and Lindsey Duke