What is a Tonic Tincture?

A meticulous, multi-step, concentrated extraction of a tonic adaptogen formulated to include all of the extractable constituents in the highest potency.

TONIC - Holistic adaptation to our external environment. The body's adaptation response, along with the harmonious internal functioning of our beings, brings free energy for purpose and meaning in all aspects of life.

TINCTURE - In the traditions of past cultures and the science of modern day it is the liquid extractions that reign supreme for potency, safety, efficacy and ease of use. Tonic Tinctures long list of benefits includes: energy, rejuvenation, organ health, hormonal assistance, lean mass gain, improving hair and nail growth, skin tone, relaxation, meditation, and enhancement of the male and female physique for increased confidence and attractiveness.

Shortly About Us

We carry super potent singular formulations such as our popular Deer Antler Velvet and our own personal favorites - Reishi Mushroom and Red Ginseng. 
We also craft labor intensive multi-tonic specialty formulas like our Human Growth Tonic and Berry Blood Tonic based upon the extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). May these tonics assist you as much as they have personally assisted us and our thousands of satisfied clients over the years.  Read more  Google+