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Price per 2 oz. Bottle

MSRP - 59.99

Sale - 34.99


LGD 2 oz. + 60 Ct.

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Legend Pack

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Legendary Tonic Elixir


Masculine Potency

Free-Testosterone Support


Available in both in a artisan crafted liquid extract and super potency capsules, these Tong Kat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) contain a very potent 200:1 extract that is known to support free-testosterone function.


Additional tonics are added to further support masculinity and performance. Some have been considered potent male aphrodisiacs that add depth and passion to life.


The symbol for our legendary is the Ankh - known as the key of life to ancient cultures.

Price per 2 oz. Bottle

MSRP - 59.99

Sale - 34.99

Price per 60 Count Capsule

MSRP - 49.99

Sale - 29.49

Legendary Tonic Elixir Capsule

60 capsules per bottle.


This formulation supports healthy masculine endocrine profiles through the inclusion of three super potent extracts. Tong Kat Ali, a 200 pound to 1 pound extract, supports testosterone levels. Wild Pine Pollen is a digestive tonic that reduces bloat and water/stress weight that collects around the abdomen and hips. It promotes a masculine endocrine response. Alfalfa is a liver tonic that includes an excellent natural mineral profile.

The effects of this tonic are building over time, a cycle may be best run from 8-12 weeks. 

This supplement is best cycled. Start with 1 cap a day and work up over time, in an increasing dose, to 3-9 caps daily taken with meals. Take 2-4 weeks off between cycles. 

The inclusion of a deer antler velvet supplement will maximize endocrine function.


Tong Kat Ali (200:1), Wild Pine Pollen (20:1), Alfalfa (20:1)

MFG Date - October 15 2013 Expire - 10/2015

Legendary Tonic Elixir Liquid Extract

2 oz. Dietary Supplement – 60 droppers per bottle.

 A formulation specific to testosterone support, in particular free testosterone, for maximum hormonal benefit.  Added tonics support the glands and direct bloodflow and nutrients into the genitals for male health and well-being. In addition tonics that nourish muscle tissue have been included.

This may be used as a intimacy tonic of superb quality.

This extract is more instantaneous and stimulating in results and effects. This is a shorter term tonic that may be cycled in increasing doses over 3-6 weeks.

The inclusion of a deer antler velvet supplement will maximize endocrine function.

Fresh Batched: January 14th 2015

Extraction Ratio: 1/2 pound into 1 quart

Contents: Tong Kat Ali, Saw Palmetto, Cynomorium, Morinda Root, Ashwagandha, Polygonum, Cuscuta, Psoralea, Bulgarian Tribulus, Rhodiola, Tumeric, Astragalus Seed, Plantain Seed, Achyranthes, Cornus, Dendrobium, Muira Puama, Catuaba, Lemon Peel, Ginger, Clove, Yohimbe,

Steam Distilled Filtered Water, 35% alcohol (by volume)